Path to Purpose

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How do you figure out what you are supposed to do here?


First, you need to believe that you were put here to do something… Seems like a rather obvious insight but think about it… If you have a nihilistic viewpoint then isn’t everything moot anyways?  For me, I truly do believe in a purposeful life – whether that purpose is defined by a set of previous experiences or was preordained is another matter (honestly does it really matter)?


I suspect if you are reading this, you too agree,  your life represents a wish to be fulfilled – that you weren’t some accident (despite your parents joking) and that the emptiness that is causing you to search can indeed be filled if you could only find your purpose.  Right?  If you are reading this it’s because somewhere inside, you feel lost – perhaps not always but your life lacks a general direction – you could even have a great career – but you are lacking that magnetic pull that you believe you should have – that North Star.


I believe the problem you have is one of only a very high level of intelligence – so high in fact that your inner monologue is incessant and likely skews to the negative or cynical – without focus your inner speech has led you all over and has nagged at you about how you don’t know where you are going – even if you are doing a great job – you don’t know where you are going.  Without a high level of “meta-cognition” (basically thoughts about thoughts), you wouldn’t be here – you wouldn’t be searching because you’d already know.


It’s this voice that leads you astray that betrays your sense of purpose.


What if it was quiet?  What if there was no guilt, no past – what if the future was for sale and you had a blank check?  What would you buy?  Who would you help?  How would you serve?


Something happens when the world becomes still – when you make an active effort to search past what you think, to go beyond what you cognitively know, to what you… Really know.


Take a deep breath and stay with me.


Your mind is like a blackboard

Or dry erase for us ‘mils the problem is that very few of us ever take the time to clean the board – sure we erase it, but what happens over time is layer upon layer adds up and before you know it – you can’t read what you are writing.


Let’s erase the board.


Seriously – I want you to take a breath and hold it… hold it… hold it…. now let it out – now think about what your next thought will be, watch them rush back!  What was it?


Stop!  That’s how fast it happens – the one moment of clarity and then a rush of thought fills the blackboard back up.


Let’s try again – this time close your eyes and think about what your next thought will be – try to watch it come in…


If you’re paying attention what will happen is your shoulders will lower just a slight amount and you’ll feel a heaviness in your arms…


Pretty cool right!  That’s called relaxing and it happens when we clean the board.


Anyways – more to come on cleaning the board in another post.


Let’s get back to this constant quest for our purpose…


This is the one and only time you will ever hear me say that the past will help you – most of the time the past is filled with things people shouldn’t wallow in, good times are great, bad times are better (they let us appreciate the good) but either way for the most part they are just that… past, so let’s move past them.


But for this one moment, I want you to go back and I want you to think about a time – any time – that you were truly happy – if even for a moment – go back there now.


What were you doing?


Go back again to that moment now.  Rewind to the beginning and watch the video of that moment all the way to the end… What do you feel?


Do you feel satisfied? Yes – that is the feeling.  Be thankful that you were able to feel that.


Come back here now – the feeling of satisfaction you have comes from validation.  You were doing something that made you feel validated – that validation came externally – but it came nonetheless.


{We will work on inner validation in another post}.


The feeling came because you were serving.  What you remember doing that made you happy was in service to someone else.  Maybe I’m right, maybe you’re right.  Either way, your path to purpose is through service, it’s through improving the life of another – often many others – maybe just one.

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