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#1 Millennial mistake

Spend your days at work curious about what the perfect role is for you? You not alone. So...what is it I'm supposed to be doing??

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The Miracle Power of The To Do List

To-do lists sound lame. They're old fashioned.
Guess what? Avoiding this simple task - the to-do list - is killing your productivity.
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Path To Purpose

How do you figure out what you are supposed to do here?
First you need to believe that you were put here to do something…
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Many startups try to avoid failure.

What if the secret to real, sustained growth could be found in the one thing most of us have been trying to avoid.

The Brain doesn't have to run your life

Hi, I'm Pete Bahe - Web adventurer, amateur philosopher, father and husband.

I started this blog to share my rants and pontifications in the hopes that my experiences might help you.  Help you live a richer and more meaningful life and... well... maybe even enjoy it along the way.

Please reach out if you have any questions, comments, hate mail - whatever it is, I'd love to hear from you.




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