Stop Holding Your Future Hostage – The #1 Millennial Mistake (as told by a Millennial).

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Spend your days at work curious about what the perfect role is for you? You not alone. So…what is it I’m supposed to be doing??

Here’s the answer: “whatever it is, you’re not currently doing it.”

Dreaming about the perfect job is a luxury of those disenchanted with their current role…

Let me elaborate:

author – you f*cking nerd). That’s what will make you successful – not the “what you should be doing” attitude – that attitude will bury you; maybe not tomorrow or in two years but one day you will wake up, burnt out, with no energy left and it’s your family that will ultimately lose.

The question “what am I meant to do?” is merely a distraction, a nuisance that ONLY enters your mind when you are unhappy or unfulfilled within your role.

When you are “in the sh*t” – so to speak – you never think: “is this really what I’m supposed to be doing?” – no, you skip bathroom breaks – you pace in your living room while holding your toddler, excited for people to respond to you on Slack.

If you are asking what you SHOULD be doing you need to be doing something else, period. Full Stop. Take on more responsibility, buy a Udemy Excel course and jump at the next task, ask to be a guest author on the company blog (always needed) – doesn’t matter, do what gives you energy – do it as much as possible and stop asking, “what you should be doing.”

But I have a family and what makes me happy won’t sustain their livelihood.

False – what gives you energy makes you special, it makes you better at that special thing than anyone else – it pushes you to learn, it pushes you to uncover things in forums that you and only 2 other people have seen (the moderator and the

If you’re like me you’ve spent your entire career waiting for that ethereal moment (cue angelic spotlight) where you would just find yourself doing the perfect thing – the thing you were meant to do.

Unfortunately – it hasn’t happened.

But I’ll tell you what has happened – I’ve picked up some amazing skills, I’ve done things that I never thought possible, and I’m now creating a list of these amazing things that keep me awake at night, bursting with ideas and insights and someday, I hope to be able to look back and say… “Sh*t, is that spotlight for me?”

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