How to Add Social Buttons to Your Gmail Signature

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This is easy... breath,

I was having a really hard time finding an up to date article on this so I decided to write one!

Again, this is super simple.  I'll walk you through adding 2 different social widgets - 1 for Facebook & 1 for Linkedin.

Step one:

Open your Gmail account and head over to settings:

Social Widgets in Gmail Signature

Once there, scroll down about half way to the signature portion:

social widgets in gmail

Now you've located your signature, in order to add the buttons you simply click the "insert image" button (looks like little mountains) and paste the location of your file, feel free to use these below - just right click on the image and open in new tab and then copy / paste the URL into Gmail.

  • LinkedIn: 
  • Facebook: 
  • Twitter: 

Those will produce the little images you see above in my signature.  In order to link them you simply find your public URL for Facebook / Linkedin, which can be found by navigating to your page on Facebook and looking in the URL bar:


Now highlight the image you've just placed (see screenshot) and click change, now simply paste the URL...

And... You're done!  Told you this was easy!

Reach out if you can't figure it out, happy to help!

Next Steps...

If you thought social widgets were helpful than this 1 tip could change your life forever!

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